Basil Soap?  You got it!

It was just shy of a year ago when a customer asked, "Do you have any soaps made with basil?  I love the smell of basil and it's so hard to find natural soaps with basil in them!"  I sadly answered no and he completed his purchase of another product and walked out of the store where I was hosting a pop-up shop.

I went home sad that evening, but the creative juices had already started flowing.  Basil in a soap?  I had never thought of it!  But why not?  It's earthy, fragrant, arousing, therapeutic, and blends so beautifully into soap.  Why hadn't I thought of a basil soap before?

Well, here we are a year later and we've created two new soaps which make basil the star!  Sweet Basil essential oil that is!  If you could smell our soap studio at this moment, you'd understand my excitement!  The aroma is almost seductive.

So to the customer who planted the seed last Spring in Atlanta, these bars are for you!  Sweet Basil & Sage Coconut Milk Soap, and Sweet Basil & Lime Soap.  Both are a wonderful treat for your skin and are naturally colored with spiraling and/or wheat grass.

Has your skin had its greens today?